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Dr. Bruce Smoler Rescues Patients/Victims of Defunct Allcare Dental Care Chain

Novi, Michigan, January 13, 2011 – Dr. Bruce Smoler was spurred to take action after a recent “tragedy” in which New York-based Allcare Dental suddenly and unexpectedly closed its doors at each of their 52 locations (10 of which were in Michigan) on January 1, leaving patients without access to records, follow-up care and treatment, or much-needed teeth like dentures and partials, even for those who prepaid thousands of dollars for their services. Allcare Dental patients are urged to visit his website at for further information and assistance.

Dr. Smoler is willing to offer former Allcare patients up to $10,000 worth of dental implant services, if needed. “I would be honored to help any abandoned patients smile again,” said Dr. Smoler. “There is hope. There is help. And we will be able to do it. Here, right now, is the time to have action.” As an even greater gesture of his goodwill, Dr. Smoler is garnering the support of dentists, oral surgeons, hospitals and other medical providers nationwide to help him in his cause.

“For me, the tipping point came when the chain of offices closed down, stranding thousands of patients across the country with no place to continue their care and treatment,” said Dr. Smoler. “That is so completely wrong. I find it professionally reprehensible and personally disgusting.”

Compelled by the love of dentistry and a genuine concern for people’s health and well-being rather than, in his terms, “corporate greed,” Dr. Smoler has organized a coalition of independent like-minded professionals to “take action and fight the injustices for these abandoned dental cast-offs.” Thanks to the Internet, Dr. Smoler is able to effectively leverage this resource and effectively get his message out. Through his website, blog and social networking sites like Facebook, Dr. Smoler can help restore the notion that there are medical professionals out there who care. “I want to use the power of the Internet to make people not only aware of the difference of dentists who are dedicated to their profession, their learning and their training, but beyond that, of their patients’ health and well-being.”

For more information about Dr. Smoler’s amazing undertaking, or to find out more details about the Allcare shutdown, visit, or For the most up-to-date developments, you may also read Dr. Smoler’s blog at

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