Financial Options

Financial Options


We participate with most insurance plans available. We accept Blue Cross and Blue Shield, as well as Delta Dental. We are not a limited procedure or restricted plan provider. The best dental insurance plan options are the ones that allow the patients to choose their dentists; not from a limited list in a book or a mandatory office where the care and dental services may be limited or restricted. We understand the financial impact advanced dental care may have and we always try to maximize your dental benefits.

No Insurance? Try our dental plan!

Our in-office dental plan is great for people without dental insurance, and it is a convenient economical way to save money on your dental care. Our plan consists of a low annual fee per person per 12 months of coverage. Included in this plan are the following services:

  • Exams-all initial comprehensive, limited, emergency and periodic exams are covered at 100%.
  • All regular cleanings (prophylaxis) for adults and children twice per year are covered at 100%. This applies to healthy gums only. A deep cleaning or due to gum disease or gum maintenance visits are not at 100% coverage. The fee for a regular cleaning is deducted from the fee for this more advanced treatment.
  • All radiographs, full set films, bitewings, and periapicals are covered at 100%.
  • All fillings, core build-ups, posts, root canals, gum surgeries, extractions, bridges, crowns (caps), partials, dentures, and braces are discounted by 15%.
  • Certain limitations apply for intricate attachment cases, cosmetics and dental implants, and sedation.

Payment Options

We accept the following payment options: cash, check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and debit cards.

Financial Options

We also have extended payment option plans that you can apply for online at and

CareCredit  Lending Club