Concierge Service

Concierge Service

For our out-of-town patients or patients that have difficulty driving, we offer concierge service to assist you in getting to your appointment. Whether you’re right around the corner or flying in from out of state, please call and talk to our concierge service coordinator to find out how we can make world-class care convenient for you.

What Makes it Happen

A panorex full mouth x-ray is often the basic level of information needed to determine the bone level and bone availability, as well as the overall condition of the rest of the mouth. For some cases, a Cone Beam CT Scan is needed to determine the exact amount of bone support for implant therapy. Intra oral photographs are helpful to determine the esthetic condition prior to any treatment. The Smoler Institute staff is well versed in ways to help out of town or home bound patients feel more optimistic about their solutions to missing teeth.

Concierge Service
Cone Beam CT Scan

Learn more about our 21st Century Consultation Service

We have patients that forward their information to us via email, snail mail or our digital file upload service. We are able to evaluate your options and will be able to offer solutions based upon the information submitted. Keep in mind, that this is only a small part of the actual treatment planning for a patient's overall health and welfare. An in office visit is vitally important to finalize any and all treatment in order to meet as well as exceed a patient's expectations.

Virtual Real Time iChat Office Tour

Using newer technologies, our Concierge Service can give you a virtual tour of our office. Either through iPhone face time technology or via Skype, we want to help as many patients as possible feel comfortable. At Smoler Institute, its all about you!

To schedule your virtual tour, please contact our office at (734) 629-4409 (Westland) or (248) 801-0039 (Rochester Hills).

In 2010, we were able to assist in the travel of a woman from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to our office. In Canada, medicine is socialized, but not dentistry. She was quoted over $85,000 to fix her mouth. We were able to communicate online and offered her suggestions that were not possible in other offices. By being more highly trained with a more comprehensive background, Dr. Bruce Smoler was able to help Michelle feel comfortable enough to travel nine hours by plane from Calgary, Alberta, to his office in Westland, Michigan.