About Our Practice

About Our Practice


Smoler Smiles has been adding the magic touch to smiles for over 20 years!

Smoler Smiles strives to provide complete personalized oral care to create winning healthy smiles for you and your family. Our dental practice is located in a new, modern, up-to-date 3,000 square-foot facility that is designed to be both comfortable and functional for state-of-the-art implant procedures. Our dedicated staff makes you feel welcome, and our relaxed atmosphere helps to make you feel less anxious about your dental treatment.

ONE day in the hands of Dr. Smoler and you will:

  • Prevent future bone loss and premature facial aging
  • Regain confidence in speaking and smiling
  • Enjoy the foods you once loved
  • Be free from the discomfort and pain associated with missing and infected teeth or a collapsing bite
  • Smile again

In less than one day, you can change your life!

Comfort is our top priority!

Smoler Smiles Office

Smoler Smiles provides the most comfortable and pain-free implant procedures available. In fact, not only do they offer pain free local anesthetic or Nitrous Oxide, but also oral and IV sedation. For patients that are looking for a more relaxed procedure or want to accomplish years worth of dentistry in a single visit, then IV Sedation may be the solution you are looking for.

Trust in Dr. Smoler. He’s performed thousands of implants dating back over 25 years and continues to educate himself on the latest techniques to ensure the best outcome for all of his patients.

Personalized care is what you deserve!

Every patient is unique. At Smoler Smiles, we work with you to create a custom treatment plan that is built around your specific needs and objectives. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction. To this end, we work with you before, during and after treatment to ensure that you achieve maximum results. We don't put every patient into the same treatment and only offer one or two options. We have a unique way to upgrade your care and treatment into more affordable and less overwhelming stages and phases. If finances dictate a less involved treatment plan, patents can still receive exceptional care with phases of treatment upgrades to make your desired treatment more affordable.

21st Century Consultations

Dr. Bruce A. Smoler

We offer 21st Century Consultations. Using email or face time, we can talk directly to you about your care without you ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Smoler Smiles attracts patients from all over the region. One way to make patients feel more comfortable before they either drive or fly out to meet us is using digital records (photographs, X-rays and even Cone Beam 3-D scan). Dr Smoler can give you options and suggestions just based upon your records without having to make the commitment of traveling to our office. This helps to take the fear out of considering Dental Implant reconstruction.

Dental implants can change your life. Let us show you how!